Includes 20% MwSt
Delivery Time: about 24 hours

RECOIL BUSTER® Individual: The damping unit with butt plate and comb in quality wood. Your gunsmith can professionally mount the RECOIL BUSTER® on to the stock of your gun. Height-adjustable comb (up to 20 mm).

RECOIL BUSTER® Individual noticeably minimizes the recoil and significantly optimizes your shooting ability. Gentle, individual, and precise. The impulse switch operates exactly when you need it. And only when the shot breaks. The individualised installation integrates the RECOIL BUSTER® elegantly into the design of your weapon. The barrels of your shotgun will be able to fire off a smoother shot, followed by a quicker second shot. And this will lead to greater success while hunting.

This Set consists of:

  • The damping unit for mounting on to the existing stock
  • Standard-model oil-finished nut-wood butt-plate
  • Standard-model oil-finished nut-wood comb
Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 53 × 29 × 8 cm


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