Firing a shotgun will never again be what it once was - painful and inaccurate.

Optimal firing position. Minimal recoil.

The high-quality leather-cladded recoil stock provides support for your optimal head posture: At the instant of firing, the position of the shoulders and head remains unchanged. Also, the line of sight is stable, which results in an accurate hitting of the target. As soon as the shot is fired, the recoil reduction unit takes effect.

Secure assembly in no time at all.

The adaptor connects the RECOIL BUSTER®, free of play, with the break-down frame of the firearm. Both assembly and disassembly is simple and quick. If you really want, you can immediately switch back to your usual stock.

The eye also shoots. And more accurately than before.

The elastomeric butt plate improves the fast, fatigue-free handling of the weapon. As a connection between the weapon and the shooter, it ensures optimal shoulder-joint. The high quality leather is available in different colors to match the color of the RECOIL BUSTER® to the individual design of your weapon.

We are all different, and rightly so.

In the beginning you have the choice of two lengths (see for purchasing assistance). With the help of the provided spacers, you can easily adjust the RECOIL BUSTER® 5 millimeter unit segments to individually suit your body size.

The impulse switch. Quicker than the recoil.

The patented impulse switch activates the impulse-driven damping mechanism exactly and at the precise moment of discharge. Both before and after the shot, the system is a rigid unit. This results in the desired aiming position and guarantees the maximum effectiveness of the innovative recoil reduction unit at the exact instant that the shot is fired.

Hitting the target is all in the head, which, from now on, will remain upright.

The spherical adjustment mechanism allows the individual smooth alignment of all three centerlines using only a fixation screw. Through the individual adjustment of the buttstock, you can synchronise the barrel axis and the line of sight to the corresponding target without any head movements. This allows the weapon to optimally adapt to your individual firing stance and optimises your ability to hit the target quickly.